Teaching the skills, tactics and strategies of Australian Football is a rewarding experience. The quality of coaching is one of the primary reasons why players either continue to participate in Australian Football or give up the game. The coach has significantly more influence upon players than any other official or person connected with football.


Our coaches have an obligation to:

  • Understand the main reasons why children play sport/s;
  • Act as role models;
  • Try and raise the player's positive beliefs, instilling in them the conviction that they are better than they think they are;
  • Expect the best from their players as there is a chance they will give their best;
  • Focus on the potential of players by cultivating their strengths to help them develop their resolve and resilience to deal with the negatives and setbacks that happen in sport;
  • Behave in a manner that can be summed up as "what we do is more important that what we say". Our coaches will understand that is their responsibility to be a good role model to players and everyone involved in the team and game.


All coaches need to be accredited. The first step is to find out when accreditation courses are taking place in your region and enrol. Typically new coaches start with AusKick or a junior team whilst they continue to develop their coaching philosophy and build on their coaching skills. A valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) and two references are a pre-requisite to be a coach at the Ashy Redbacks.


2018 Coaching Roster

The following coaches have been appointed for the 2018 season:


  • Michael Ralph
  • Michael Goode
  • Pat O’Callaghan
  • Julia Hay
  • David Fitzgerald


  • Matt Pietsch
  • Leigh Sando
  • Glen Cormick
  • Justin Bokor


  • Stu Mackie
  • Stephen Hoy
  • Andrew Tiley


  • Ash Fernee & Darren Murphy
  • Nick Dowling
  • Pete Martin
  • Brendan Foley


  • Matt Higgins
  • Andrew Higginbotham
  • Justin Foster

U12 Girls

  • Nat Hickcox 


  • Greg Lasscock
  • Leigh Muller


  • Simon Miller
  • Michael & Will Schwab

U14 Girls

  • Gary Coppen 


  • Tony Smith
  • Chris Murray

U16 Girls

  • Chris Bavage


  • Ryan McDonough
  • Joe Arthur

Youth Girls

  • Kim Ledder


    If you would like to express an interest in coaching or in supporting a coach in the position of Team Official (i.e. Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Trainer or Runner) in 2019, please submit a nomination using the button below. All Coach and Team nominations will be considered by the Head of Coaching and Footy Operations team.

    If you're interested in working closely with our Head of Coaching, Harmit Singh and the Footy Operations Team, please contact

    Key tasks include:

    • Interviewing coaches;
    • Selection and support of coaches;
    • Support the ongoing needs of the coaching rosters throughout the season;
    • Assist in the process of grading;
    • Co-ordinate team equipment.