2018 Coaching Roster

We're pleased to announce the following coaching appointments of 2018*:


  • Michael Ralph
  • Pat O’Callaghan
  • Julia Hay
  • Michael Goode
  • David Fitzgerald


  • Glen Cormick
  • Matt Pietsch
  • Justin Bokor
  • Leigh Sando


  • Andrew Rowe
  • Andrew Tiley
  • Stephen Hoy
  • Stu Mackie


  • Nick Dowling
  • Pete Martin
  • Ash Fernee
  • Darren Murphy


  • Matt Higgins / Adem Yze
  • Justin Foster
  • VACANCY x 1

U12 Girls

  • Nat Hickcox 


  • Greg Lasscock
  • Leigh Muller


  • Simon Miller
  • Michael & Will Schwab

U14 Girls

  • Gary Coppen 


  • Chris Murray
  • Tony Smith

U16 Girls

  • Chris Bavage


  • Ryan McDonough
  • Joe Arthur

Youth Girls

  • Kim Ledder

* Note: These appointments are subject to change and are based upon player registrations and team selection. Some coaches may work together as a team, and we will notify members as soon as teams are formed.

If you would like to be a coach for the U12 boys team in 2018, please submit a nomination using the button below. All coaching nominations will be considered by the Head of Coaching and Footy Operations team and each applicant will be contacted directly post submission.

If you are interested in joining the footy operations sub-committee, please reach out and let us know at president@ashyredbacks.org.au.

Key tasks include:

  • Interviewing coaches
  • Selection and support of coaches
  • Assist in the process of grading
  • Co-ordinate team equipment
  • Support the ongoing needs of the coaching rosters throughout the season.