Age Level Skills Curriculum

In 2018, we want to focus on the development of skills across all teams in the club. By following the AFL's designated age level curriculum it will give us a very good structure to enable each and every player to get the best out of themselves.

Coaches across all age groups will be using these curriculums as a means for understanding how they can best develop you and your skill levels in 2018. They will also form part of the criteria that will be used for age levels where there is grading.

Players, we encourage you all to look at your curriculum in the off season and benchmark where you believe you are at, against where the AFL believes you should be. If there are areas that you may not be as strong in, take the opportunity to work on them over the summer. You may have the footy at the beach or you may be waiting for a bat on the cricket ground. Wherever you may be, we'd love for you to hit pre-season with some new skills under your belt.

Download the curriculums

Click on the link or images below to download the respective curriculum.