Preliminary Finals Week

We had four teams facing off for a ticket to the Grand Final this weekend.  The teams were:

  • U11 Red
  • U12 Black
  • U15 Girls Green
  • Youth Girls

U11 Red deserve a special mention as they were in front for most of the game and ended up losing by 1 point in the dying minutes of the match.  

Here's a note to the families of U11 Red by Coach, Greg Lasscock:

"I hope you have all recovered from the game on Sunday.  It was a tough day for the boys and even tougher for the parents to see our little champs so devastated. They can all be proud of their efforts and the great team spirit and improvement they showed throughout the season"  Coach - Greg Lasscock

Match Report for U12 Black by Coach, Greg Dixon

U12 Blacks v Greythorn, Zerbes Reserve

Ashburton B      5.7-37

Greythorn R    3.3-21

Preliminary finals are always a hard fought match and this was no exception, to give credit to Greythorn they never gave up.  Our boys played as a team, great passes, long kicks, strong marking and fantastic backing up of their team mates.

Best on ground, Top 3 Max, Aidan, Jack but there where many more Cal, Will O, Angus, Matty, Alex T, Xandy, Matty, Harrison, Jordan, Josh, Cam P, Cam W, Luke, Tom W, Tom Z.

Goal Kickers; Josh 2, Alex 2, Cam Witt

Play of the Day; Angus, Max and Jack clearing out the centre bounces

Goal of the day -Josh took a pounding down in the goal square and still kicked 2.

Mark of the day -Alex, a big mark in a crowded forward line.

Top Team player- again many to chose from Cal, Luke, Angus, Matty, Will O these boys repeatedly went in hard and got the ballout to moving team mates.

Match Report:  Youth Girls

Click here for a Coach's summary from Andrew Scott