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Team Photos

For our Team Photos to run smoothly, we ask that all Team Managers, Coaches, Team Officials, Parents &

Players carefully read following instructions:


Please arrive 10 minutes early and enter via rear door off car park. As you can see from the below schedule, timings are tight between photo shoots and unfortunately we're unable to wait for late arrivals.  Any players that are unavailable for the photo will have their name included in the player listing. 

There are to be NO PARENTS in the room at any time (even to take a quick photo - please leave this to the experts). Only Team Officials, Players and Committee Members are required. 

Please wear RED Shorts and have your football boots polished clean. When you are waiting for your turn, it is important that you keep the noise down. It’s tricky for the photographer to hear you and it’s distracting for the team that are getting their photo taken to look their best when there’s a mini party happening outside the club room!


Please line up your players in height order – tallest to shortest BEFORE they enter the room. Once Darren, our club photographer, has set up the players, he will take a photo on a mobile and will require you to write down their names in row order i.e. officials, back row, middle row, front row, etc... a sheet will be provided at the time.  Please ensure there are NO parents are in the room.

Triple check spelling of names and ensure the list you bring with you as accurate (having player numbers helps for quick player name recognition).


Please wear your Ashburton Community Bank ‘Officials’ Ashy polo (if you have one), otherwise, you will be supplied with Ashy gear for the photo.

Please dress in BLACK trousers/ pants/jeans for consistency. Despite what the weather is doing in the club rooms, no jackets please, the photo won’t take long to shoot! You may have up to 5 officials in the photos – no more.  It is up to you to decide who these will be.

Please see below for an example of how professional the finished product will look like.

Team photos are distributed at the end of the season on Presentation Day.

190519 Photo schedule.png
Later Event: 22 May
Female Athletes Night