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There is a wealth of information available within the resource centre provided both via the Ashy Redbacks, and also from our league associations & the AFL.

Managing Injuries

Injuries are a part of playing a contact sport. That said, we aim to minimise the likelihood of these and protect all players as best we can. Each team has a qualified first aid representative and the club provides additional medical support each game day.

In the event of a player receiving an injury, there are some good reference guides below to help with a first response. 

Game Day Roles & Responsiblities

The following roles are crucial for a successfully run game day. People who are operating in these roles should make themselves familiar with their responsibilities prior to turning up on the day.

Celebrating Milestone Games

If you have a milestone game coming up, this is one way of making a banner.

Before you begin, decide the wording you want for your banner, we recommend that you do not use long words like Congratulations as they don’t fit well on the banner.

Purchase: 2 packets of green crepe paper, 2 packets of red crepe paper, one packet of white A4 paper (for the letters), glue to stick crepe together and letters to the crepe.

Prepare the lettering

1. Download this Milestone Games Banner Template
2. Amend the letters in the attached Word document to the lettering you require (Hold mouse over a letter and right mouse click > select Edit text > enter the required letter or number, repeat for each letter until you have the wording you require, add or delete letters as required)
3. Print the finished Word document on the white A4 paper (you will have a letter to a page)
4. Cut the lettering out
5. Glue your 4 packets of crepe paper together horizontally
6. Glue the lettering onto your crepe paper
7. If you would like to include the Ashy Redbacks Spider or the Logo, please download a high res version by clicking here
8. Once dry, attach banner to poles with strong tape (try timber poles) and check if the Committee has some available from past banners before buying them. As at 05/05/18, there are currently a lot in stock at the Club so please email Hugh on to obtain some.

NOTE: We recommend that you do not use heavy or thick tape to stick the crepe together as the players often cannot run through it - not the best image to capture on photo!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Remember to capture the players running through the banners - we love to celebrate these amazing achievements! Please email photos to (featured in this photo) provide an option of 'outsourcing' banner making (featured in this photo) provide an option of 'outsourcing' banner making

BERNIE CASEY - COMPLETE DISPLAYS                                                                                                                                       
M: 0418 998 848

Bernie and his children, Maddie and Jack, also supply stress free banner making services to help you prepare for your milestone game. Bernie responds super fast to all enquiries and you'll see a mock up of the design in your in-box to share with your child/children. 

Bernie provides full assembly which includes a complete banner and delivery to your door. Please see prices below:

1 player $120.00
2 players $140.00
3 players $150.00

Note: Banners are approx 4200 mm wide x 2200 mm high in size. All orders must be made by the Monday prior to game day. 

Design 1

Design 1

Design 2

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3