Must be appropriately identified in a green official trainer's top.

The trainer has the responsibility of looking after minor injuries. The Club will provide the opportunity for trainers to attend a first aid course. 

  1. In the event of injury, if you are uncertain, do nothing
  2. If a player is on the ground when reached, do not move the player or assist the player to his/her feet. Have the umpire stop the game if necessary. If the player regains his/her feet, Club policy requires that we err on the side of caution. Generally, the player should be removed from the ground until a full assessment can be made.
  3. If there is any doubt, the player may not resume the field.
  4. If you are uncertain about any injury, the player MUST be referred for professional assistance or an ambulance summoned.
  5. The trainer should be aware that players on the interchange bench can hear all comments made by officials.
  6. In General Play, trainers must remain behind the boundary line and only enter the arena when players are injured or long acts of play occur.  
  7. The trainer may only enter the playing arena to assist an injured player or provide a drink.
  8. Trainers are reminded to stay out of the “corridor” and only enter this area if a player is injured or after a goal is scored.
  9. If there are 2 trainers, one is permitted in the coaching box, the second trainer is to be located on the opposite side of the ground. to assist players 


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