The 2017 Committee

We are pleased to have a dedicated team of volunteers who have committed to making the club as strong as it can possibly be for the betterment of the children. We hold ourselves to high levels of expectation and are accountable to the club in everything we do.

As a committee we adhere to 5 key principles:

  1. Growth of the children. Our children, both male and female, will have the best opportunity to learn new skills, play the game, build friendships, and develop a strong sense of teamwork whilst having fun and enjoying the game.
  2. Supportive environment. The coaches, administration and volunteers will all be respected for the time and effort that they donate toward making the club what it is. All possible efforts will be channelled into supporting this group as the catalyst for the club's success.
  3. Efficient club. The club will be run to benefit the children and maximise the available facilities. Sound governance will be applied across financial, operational, process and all people involved.
  4. Transparency and respect. Everyone within the club, opposition players, umpires or visitors to the club will be held to the highest values of respect and courtesy when at or dealing with the Redbacks. Transparency will be a key philosophy within the club from the committee down into each team.
  5. Culture. We will encourage a strong sense of club and community spirit in everything we do.

Please feel free to reach out to our committee if you have any questions or would like to get involved in supporting the club.


Steve Carlisle

Steve has been part of Ashy Redbacks since 2014. As a Coach of U8, and prior at AusKick, Steve was appointed Vice President of the Committee this year. He has two sons, Rylan (U11) and Taylor (U10). 

Nick Grogan

Nick has been involved with Ashy Redbacks since 2013. Since that time, he has volunteered as a Coach. Nick joined the Committee this year. He has three sons, Finn (U12), Oliver (U10) and Max (Auskick). 

Anna Carlisle
Marketing & Communications

Anna has been a part of Ashy Redbacks since 2014. She joined the Committee in 2015. Anna has two sons, Rylan (U11) and Taylor (U10).


Ashley Fernee
Footy Operations

Ashley became a part of Ashy Redbacks in 2015 and he joined the Committee as a first year parent. Ashley has a son, Tyson (U10) and a daughter Chloe.

Mel Eardley
Team Manager Liaison & Governance

Mel has been part of the Ashy Redbacks since 2013 taking on the role of Team Manager last year. She has a daughter, Kiera, and two sons, Keegan (U15) & Kade (U10)

Brendan Foley

Brendan has been the Watsons Park AusKick coordinator for the past few years and has traded that in to come onto the Ashy Redbacks Committee. Brendan has a son Rick playing at the club (U10)

Sarah Ritchie

Sarah has been involved with Ashy Redbacks since 2009. She joined the Committee in 2016. Sarah has three children that all play at Ashy, James (Colts), Grace (U16) and Harry (U11).  

Richard Zvirbulis
General Committee & Club Op's

Richard has been a part of Ashy Redbacks since 2012. During that time he has held the roles of Team Manager and Auskick Coach. Richard joined the Committee in 2014. He has three sons, Tom (U13), Kurt (U10) and Leo (U8).

Craig Harris

Craig joined Ashy Redbacks in 2016 and he became a Committee Member as a first year parent. He has a son, James (U9) and two daughters, Sarah and Emma.

Bruce Fox
General Manager

Bruce has been actively involved with Ashy Redbacks since 2010. Over the past 5 years, he has assisted in many facets of footy operations and club management as the General Manager. Bruce’s son Nathan has coached U14, U15 and Colts.