Club Captains

We would like to develop our most senior players within the club by implementing a key leadership position both on and off the field.

For each of the Colts & Youth / U16 Girls teams we will be selecting a leadership group which will help us foster an effective communication channel between the teams and the club, as well as putting some responsibility and accountability on the players themselves to demonstrate their maturity and set the bar for the rest of the grades below them to attain.

The leadership groups will be implemented through the respective coaching groups.

In addition to this, we would like to implement a club captain representative from both the Colts and Youth/U16 Girls teams.

These two people would become the figure heads for our club and be the example of what we believe the spirit of Ashy is for others to emulate and aspire to be.

We believe the Colts and Youth/U16 Girls should be respected as the player custodians of the club and to this end, we would like the players to put forward their nominations for who they believe should fill these two positions. 

How to vote for club captains

To vote please fill in the details below. If you nominate a person please provide a one line reason for why.

You can only vote once. 

Nominations close Friday 22nd March 2019

Selection process

The coaches and club executive will review and select the club captains who will be announced at the season launch - Saturday 6th April at approx 6:00pm.

Players need to be registered with the club in order to qualify.


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