Grading Policy

The Ashy Redbacks is committed to providing a safe enjoyable sporting environment for the children who play for our club. Developing football skills, encouraging fair play and building self-esteem are also key parts of a child’s football development. The Yarra JFL recommends that most clubs implement a grading policy from the U13 age group. How that policy is developed is up to each individual club.

AUJFC agrees that U13 is the correct age group for the club to be responsible for selecting teams.  Most players at U13 level have moved into secondary schooling at this time so it can be considered a year of change. Another important factor is that some players playing in lower divisions are not getting the opportunity to develop their skills to the standard that they deserve. Likewise other players playing in a higher grade may benefit by playing in a key position role in a lower grade.

Boys and girls often develop at different stages and it is important that the club assesses individual development each year from U13 and upwards. AUJFC also recognises the importance of team balance and will endeavour to ensure that each team is competitive in the division that they are placed.                                                                                                 

Key points about the AUJFC grading policy

  • All U13 and above registered players will have the opportunity to train together during the pre-season training sessions and practice matches.
  • Coaching staff from each of the Red, Green and Black teams will select squads from the available players during the pre-season training and practice matches.
  • The Football Operations committee will assess the squads and make final determination on the makeup of the teams.
  • Depending on player numbers, players will have the opportunity to move between teams during the early parts of the season.
  • As a general rule:
    • The Red Team will play in the highest division as allocated by the YJFL (Gold Division)
    • The Green Team will play in either Green (3rd) or Blue (4th) division
    • The Black Team (if numbers permit) will play in Black (5th) or Red (6th) division.
  • No child will be forced to play in a higher team even if their abilities suggest they should.
  • Each team will have sufficient key position players to ensure that the lower graded teams are competitive.
  • Rotations between teams after the first four grading rounds will be done more on an “as needed” basis where injuries and unforeseen circumstances may occur.
  • YJFL rules state that:
    • No more than four players may be rotated between a higher and a lower graded team per round
    • In 2017 if a player participates in five or more games in a higher division they cannot play in a lower grade for the rest of that season
    • If a player qualifies for finals in multiple divisions (minimum six games) within an age group they may only play finals in the highest division of that age group for which they have qualified
  • At the beginning of each season each team moving up an age group will be re-graded. The decision to re-grade is based on the knowledge that players can develop and change in body shape significantly over the 6 month summer period.

If a parent has any questions about their child’s placement within a team they may email the Footy Operations Department ( to have the committee review the placement.