Interchange Steward

The interchange steward is only required for home games from U10 - Colts grades. 

  1. The interchange steward shall wear a white coat.
  2. The interchange steward shall keep an accurate report of all players who commence a quarter on the bench and any interchanges during a quarter for both teams.
  3. The interchange steward is responsible for noting the time any player is sent off by the umpire for an offence. If it is a yellow card, the player is off for the equivalent of one quarter. A red card means that the player may not return to the field of play.
  4. The interchange steward may consult with the umpire at the end of a quarter with regard to players sent off and the time of resuming play.
  5. The Interchange steward will inform the appropriate coach when a sent off player's time has elapsed.
  6. Players sent off may be replaced.
  7. The Even Up rule does not apply in the case of send offs.
  8. At the conclusion of the game, the interchange report form is to be given to the Team Manager.


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