Match Day Report

When filling out your match day report please remember this is an opportunity to highlight the great things that the players did during the game. Focus on calling out key passages of play, areas whereby the players did something specifically asked of them, how they contributed to an outcome within the game.

Remember: what do the players take out of the match report that they can look back on with pride and/or learn from?

The players love being able to read about things they have done well and their friends in other teams who also performed.

Please limit to a minimum the amount of creative writing in your report and keep the length to a few paragraphs only.

Please add the score for teams in the U10 and above teams.
Please tell us the highlights from the game
Keep this to a maximum of five players for U10 and above teams
Provide context where possible, not just the name of the player.
(e.g. This could be something on or off the field - think selfless team action of the day)
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