Proxy Voting

In accordance with the Association Model Rules section:

(34) Proxies

  1. A member may appoint another member as his or her proxy to vote and speak on his or her behalf at a general meeting other than at a disciplinary appeal meeting.

  2. The appointment of a proxy must be in writing and signed by the member making the appointment.

  3. The member appointing the proxy may give specific directions as to how the proxy is to vote on his or her behalf, otherwise the proxy may vote on behalf of the member in any matter as he or she sees fit.

  4. If the Committee has approved a form for the appointment of a proxy, the member may use any other form that clearly identifies the person appointed as the member's proxy and that has been signed by the member.

  5. Notice of a general meeting given to a member under rule 33 must—

    1. state that the member may appoint another member as a proxy for the meeting; and

    2. include a copy of any form that the Committee has approved for the appointment of proxy.

  6. A form appointing a proxy must be given to the Chairperson of the meeting before or at the commencement of the meeting.

  7. A form appointing a proxy sent by post or electronically is of no effect unless it is received by the Association no later than 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting.

Click here to download a proxy form that can be used for the AGM.


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