Whether you're a current player, joining our club for the first time or transferring from another club, ALL players must be registered for insurance purposes. As most teams have reached capacity, please direct any new registrations for the 2018 Season directly to our Registrar, Brendan Foley

Registration Fees

Registration Fees
(01 February to 01 March 2018) First Player $260
* Additional Players $245

Late Registration Fees
From 2nd of March 2018 onwards

First Player $290
* Additional players $280

* In order to receive multi-player discounts, families must register siblings at the same time.

If you're registering with the club for the first time you will need to provide a proof of age document (e.g. Birth Certificate) to confirm the grade in which your child will be playing. You can scan a copy of your document and email it to our Register, or bring it with you for sighting on a club open day.

Player registration age requirements

It is important that all players are registered in their correct age groups. Age groups are determined by the age that the child is on the 1st of January of the current year.

Note: To be registered to play Under 8, players must be at least 7 years old by the 30th of April in the year they commence playing Under 8.

Grade Year of birth
Under 8 2011
Under 8 2010
Under 9 2009
Under 10 2008
Under 11 2007
Under 12 2006
Under 13 2005
Under 14 2004
Under 15 2003
Under 16 Girls 2002
Under 17 Colts 2001
Under 18 Youth Girls 2000 / 2001