Team Manager

At home beforehand

  1. Team Sheet prepared and printed from website
  2. Check First Aid and Team Kit 
  3. Fill water bottles
  4. Check/inflate match balls (if Home match)

Before the Game

  1. Get opposition Team Manager to sign team sheet on arrival
  2. Players sign team sheet (U10 – Colts)
  3. Ensure all volunteer positions have been filled
  4. Distribute the Voting Slips (3) for U10 - Colts
  5. If home team, present two match balls to Umpire for them to inspect – ensure that the one not selected is placed at the Timekeepers table (use Umpire Escort for this)
  6. Distribute appropriate equipment to officials as follows:
  • Coach/Assistant Coach – Official Bibs
  • Boundary Umpire – white T-Shirt, whistle (U10 – Colts)
  • Field Umpire (home games) – white T-shirt, whistle (U8, U9) 
  • Goal Umpire – white coat, flags, score card, pen
  • Interchange – white coat, interchange sheet ,clip board, pen (Home games only for U10 - Colts)
  • Timekeeper – score card, pen
  • Runner – Official Bib (U10 – Colts)
  • Trainer/water carrier – Official Bib/first aid kit/drink caddy
  • Umpire Escort – Official Bib (and match footballs for home games)
  • Team Manager – Arm Band or Official Bib

Half Time 

  1. Provide Umpire with signed copy of Team Sheet (Use Umpire Escort) 
  2. Check that oranges etc. are given out
  3. Refill water bottles (water carrier)

End of Game

  1. Ensure Umpire is escorted from ground 
  2. Ensure Match ball is taken from Umpire and returned to kit. Home games only. (Use Umpire Escort)
  3. Collect Goal Umpire and Time Keeper score cards, and Interchange Steward sheet, and deliver to Umpire in umpire Room. (Team Manager to sign completed team sheet if umpire requires)
  4. Organise/make note of medal/award recipients (if applicable)
  5. Ensure all officials have returned goal flags, coats, bibs, pens etc.
  6. Collect completed voting slips (U10 - Colts)

At home afterwards

Game results must be entered onto YJFL’s website by 6.00pm on match day. Also adjust for any players listed on team sheet who did not play. Whilst results aren’t kept for younger levels, team sheets must be entered for games played to count.

Game day incidents
Only YJFL officials can report a player. If they didn’t see the incident, they can’t report it. Club officials can only lodge an official complaint though our club to the league. If the incident is unseen by the umpires, it becomes difficult for the Team Manager. Back your own judgement on the day, but speak with the opposing Team Manager, and attempt to get both parties together after the game to discuss. Try to keep it to just the players involved and the Team Manager's but make sure the parents agree with any decision made.

Let the Footy Operations team know ASAP.


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