Team Manager


Team Sheets

  • Select Players & Team Officials and print 2 Team Sheets via SportsTG Website
  • Opposition Team Manager to sign both sheets PRIOR to players signing
  • Players to sign both team sheets prior to game
  • NB: Players late to the game mist sign each club’s copy of the team sheet
  • Team Sheets are to be retained by Team Manager for the season


Team & Match Officials

  • Ensure all team and match official as are allocated appropriate bibs or apparel
  • Ensure all team and match officials are allocated appropriate cards, flags, etc.

- Coach, Blue Bib
- Assistant Coach, Red Bib
- Trainer, Green Bib
- Runner, Yellow Bib
- Team Manager, Teal Bib
- Umpire Escort, Orange Bib
- Ground Manager, Light Blue Bib
- Water Carrier, White Bib
- Boundary Umpire, White top
- Goal Umpire, White Coat
- Scoreboard Attendant (Home)



Record Keeping

  • Strike out the name of any player who appears on the team sheet that is not playing
  • Handwrite in the name of any late inclusions (player must sign)

Team Sheets

  • Deliver the signed team sheets to the match umpires during the half time break
  • One copy is to be given to opposition Team Manager and one copy to the Umpire
  • Collect copy of Opposition team sheet



Collect paperwork

  • Document final scores for inputting into SportsTG by 6pm
  • Collect match paperwork from Time Keeper & Goal Umpire
  • Return to the Umpire’s Room (with Goal Umpire & Timekeepers Cards) to confirm result and collect copy of their Team Sheet from the Umpire
  • Obtain details of any send off or report

 Update SportsTG

  • Using “Pre-Game” Button (same as when creating the Team Sheet)
  • Remove / Add players to the team list (if required)
  • Using Post Game Button
  • Enter match scores (home team only)


  • Enter goal kickers (each team can decide if they wish to do this)
  • U8s & U9s MUST enter a nil all result in order for the game to be counted against players in SportsTG. 
  • Under 10s must enter Match Scores.
  • Match scores to be entered online by 6pm Sunday Night
  • Online Team sheets to be updated on SportsTG by midnight of Match Day

For more information on the role of Team Manager, please download our manual by clicking here


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