Water Carrier

Must be appropriately identified in a white official water carrier's top.

  1. The Water Carrier may not deliver messages to players. Under no circumstances may the water carrier touch or comment to an opposition player or official or the field umpire.
  2. The water carrier should be aware that players on the interchange bench can hear all comments made by officials.
  3. If the water carrier reaches an injured player who is on the ground, under no circumstances is the water carrier to move the player or assist the player to his/her feet. Summon the trainer or stop the game. If the player regains his/her feet, it is Club policy to err on the side of caution and remove the player from the field to be assessed.
  4. At half time, the water carrier should ensure that the water bottles are refilled and taken back to the bench.
  5. Water carriers should be positioned where the 40/50 metre line intersects the boundary line on the opposite side of the ground to the coaches box
  6. Water carriers should only enter the field during a suitable break in play (e.g. after a goal is kicked)


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