Coaching Resources

Coaching our players is one of the most important aspect of our club as it underpins the very purpose our boys and girls look to be a part of the Ashy Redbacks. We need to be 100% focused on the development of each and every one of our players across many dimensions:

  • their skills,
  • their understanding of the game,
  • their ability to feel like they are meaningfully contributing to the team,
  • their feeling of being suitable challenged for their own growth,
  • their understanding of what it means to operate as part of a team,
  • the building of their relationships with others in the team and the club,
  • their ability to learn resilience in terms of how to win and how to lose,
  • their ability to self-develop on their own when away from the club,
  • and most importantly, their sense of personal worth throughout the whole process.

As coaches, we need to ensure that whilst you invest your personal time into this process, that you also get something out of your volunteer commitment to this journey. 

This page is designed to provide resources to you as coaches to help you prepare and execute on your training plan for the year. If you have any questions or need more support any any areas - skills drills, training plan development, specialist area training (on-field and off), equipment, outside coaches etc - then please let either Steve ( or Hugh ( know.



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